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Spring 1 Adventure - Space Rescue

We recieve a letter from outter space, some naughty aliens have captured Bob the Alien. We decide to go and help rescue him. We first need to decide what to pack. The childen thought about the different items they want to take to space and wrote about why they have choosen each object.

We needed a captain to lead our mission to outer space. After finding out about Neil Armstrong, we used freeze frames to show important points in his life, such as being born, becoming a pilot and walking on the moon. We all decided that Neil Armstrong would be a fantastic Captain so we asked him to join us on our adventure.

We needed to find somewhere to launch the spaceship from. We followed a map around the school observing different places and finally decided to launch the spaceship from the playing fields.

In art we looked at the artist Van Gough. We used the Starry Night as inspiration for our artwork.

We get to planet Xscape. We have to go through different obstacles and traps to save Bob the Alien.

We wrote about our adventure on Planet Xscape.

Neil Armstrong was hurt on Planet Xscape, so we ask for some help from Planet Cross. We need to tell them where neil is hurt and how it happened. We label the different parts of his body saying where he is hurt and thinking about how it could have happened.

On Planet Cross, Florence Nightingale teaches us about First Aid and how to put a bandage on. We all have a practise on each other.

When we get to Planet Cross to see Florence Nightingale, we find that the naughty aliens have just been here. They have thrown lots of first aid equiptment over the planet. We go to investigate and then write our own descriptions about what we saw.

In Art, we used collaging to create our own aliens.

The Naughty Aliens have gone to Planet Grub and eaten all of their food. We need to make some food for the Grubbieans that live on the planet or else they will be very hungry. We needed to make the muffins healthy so we used honey to add natural sweetness, and yoghurt instead of butter.

After making the muffins we thought it would be a good idea to write some instructions so the naughty aliens could make some too, and then maybe they would stop stealing other peoples food.

On Planet Inferno the Naughty Aliens have set fire to everything. We learn about what to do if there is a fire and how to keep ourselves safe, such as if our clothes catch on fire to Stop, Drop, and Roll

We then wrote our own report on Fire Safety

We learnt about The Great Fire of London, then worked in teams to put all the main events on a time line.

In Art we created collages by tearing and ripping paper to show The Great Fire of London.

In our final week of the half term we got a distress signal from the Naughty Aliens. They have crash landed on Planet NESW and need help to find their shace ship. In geography we learn about the points of a compas. Then we go outside and using a compas we find North South East and West. Then we follow directions using these points.

We used our knowledge about directions to write the naughty aliens instructions on how to get to their spaceship.

We had lots of fun trying and sharing the food we had with our friends and families