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Muddy Monday

This week the children have been learning how to dress for Muddy Mondays, we put our puddle jumpers on by ourselves and put our wellies on. 

The children then got to work on their first Muddy Monday session. This week they were asked to create a 'mud pizza' the children had to mix mud and water to make 'sauce' they then choose natural objects found outside to decorate their pizza.

This week for Muddy Mondays we all got our wellies on and took a Muddy walk in Middleton Park. It was so much fun stomping in the leaves and walking in the sloppy mud! 


Bird Watching and making bird feeders

This week during Muddy Mondays the children went to look for different birds around the school grounds. We found blackbirds, Robins, starlings and sparrows. The children look on an identification sheet to correctly name the birds. We looked at what food was available for them during winter and talked about the importance of feeding birds during the colder months. The children made bird feeders and hung them on the branches.