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Hello everyone,   it is Monday today and the start of a new week. 

Remember to check in every day to see the different activities Mrs Kitching and Mrs Gray are sharing on here for you to do.  There will be some dinosaur fun as well as other activities to keep you busy.  

The story we are starting with is one that you might already know, especially if you are a dinosaur fan!


We will be enjoying the story 'Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs'



Harry is helping his Nana to clear out the attic and he finds a box full of dinosaurs.  Harry takes them down from the attic and carefully washes them and mends any broken ones.  He says that dinosaurs shouldn't be in a box, they should be in a bucket so that's where he puts them.   From then on, everywhere Harry goes, the dinosaurs go too, in the bucket, until one day, they get lost! 

Poor Harry.  Do you think Harry will find them?  I hope so. 

In the story, Harry says the names of all of his dinosaurs and  there are lots of long tricky dinosaur names in there. 

I think we should practice saying these long words before we begin to read the story.   A good way to learn to say long words,  is to break them up into small parts.   


Have a look at the pictures and  ask a grown up to help you. (The broken down words are underneath each dinosaur.)  

I'll also have a go, so you could join in with me when you watch the video.

Dinosaur names. Part 1

Still image for this video

Dinosaur names part 2

Still image for this video

With the help of a grown up it would be good if you could make some dough to play with.  You could then have a go at molding and shaping the dough to make dinosaurs.    There are two different types of dough you could use, either one is fine.  Salt dough can be dried out to make it go hard and can then be painted but play dough lasts longer so can be used many times for lots of different things. 


When you have some dough, could you make a dinosaur?  Maybe roll some into a ball for a body,  roll a sausage shape for a neck,  roll 4  small balls to add as legs and another for a head.   Use the different parts of your hands, and  your fingers to squash, squeeze and shape the dough.  

Please remember to take a photograph and send it to us at  We'd love to see what you are doing. 

Tin can Alley - Target games

Children love to knock things down, so this game should be enjoyed by our nursery children. Make a tin can alley with clean, empty tins with no sharp edges. 

I stacked my tins, three at the bottom, then two, then one on top.  You then need a ball or something else to throw at the tin cans to knock them down, I used a pair of rolled up gloves but rolled up socks would work really well.

Parents/Carers, this is a great chance to use number names.  Encourage your children to count as they set up the tin cans and use numbers/counting when they have knocked them down.

 For example, “Wow!  I knocked 3 down that time and there’s three still standing”