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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Good Morning

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Bug Club


Log in to your bug club account and ready one of the books in your library.


If you have forgotten your log in details please email

Phonics jjj - jack in the box

Todays sound is j. Watch the video below and have a go at writing j, sounding out words beginning with j and writing some j words.


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Draw a story map

What happened at the beginning of the story? Where were the characters? In the first box draw a picture of the start of the story. 


Think of your favourite parts of the story and draw them in the other boxes, remember to leave the last box for the end of the story.


Using your pictures retell the story to a grown up or maybe a brother or sister. Don't worry if it's not in the same order as our story all that matters is you have fun and use good sentences to retell your story!

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Pirate! - kids book read aloud - children's story - bedtime story

If you need to hear the story again to help you watch this version on youtube or click mondays video of miss Daniel's reading the story.

Let's get Active


Today for your active activity we are going to do some stretching and mindfulness. It is important that we exercise our minds as well as our bodies. Click the link below to take part in kids yoga. I hope you enjoy it. Ask your grown up to take a picture and put it onto your tapestry account.

Pirate Kids Yoga | Cosmic Kids

⭐ Sign up for FREE access to our Yoga Quest challenge where you print out fun maps & check-off yoga adventures:⭐ You'll...

Maths - Growing Patterns

Story Time

Pooh! Is that you Bertie?

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