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Adventure 1- Up, Up and Away

Our class song

Let's Go Fly a Kite - Mary Poppins 1964

"Let's Go Fly a Kite" is a song from the 1964 Disney musical film "Mary Poppins". When George Banks (David Tomlinson) realizes that his family is more import...

Back in a time before aeroplanes were invented we are given a mission... to fly! Birds can do it, bats can do it, butterflies can do it... can we? Bring your wings on this adventure as we discover how to fly. With a few bumps on the way, can we be the first to create a flying machine?


When we arrived at school a mysterious parcel was waiting for us... 



It was a kite! We didn't know who it was from. We decided to go out and test it.


After flying our gifted kite, we decided to make our own paper kites to see how they were made and how they worked.

We wrote in our diary about what it was like flying the kite. It was quite eventful!


We found out that the kite had come from two brother's class Orville and Wilbur Wright. They wanted our help to make the first ever plane! They thought sending us the kite would get us excited about flying like it did for them when they were little. We decided to look at how people were trying to fly and found their ways quite funny!


Man's Early Flight Attempts

Archival footage from "Gizmo! " The song "Eureka" was written by composer Charles Strouse

We accepted the challenge to help the Wright Brother's with their mission. They told us that they needed us to test each prototype they make. Our first test was speed. We spent some time with Troy the Train to learn how to go fast. Troy took us to magical lands. Have a look at our magical lands.


We decided to create our own patterned kites in the style of Pop Art.


The Wright Brother's asked us to test their plane, Parker, for speed. They needed the plane to go fast to take off and stay in the sky as well as be able to stop on the runway. We met Troy the train who took us on an adventure to magical lands. Our favourite was Sweetie Land. We wrote brilliant descriptions.

We designed our own magical lands that Troy could take us.

We then created our own train collage as a thank you to Troy for his help.

Our next mission was to test our Parker's balance skills. We were sent to meet Mabel the Motorbike. She had a race track for us to try out our skills on.

Parker decided to try the race track on his own with disastrous results. We had to look for Mabel for some help. We wrote descriptions of her to help find her.

Our next mission was to test Parker's ability to carry passengers safely. We went to meet Cassie the car, who takes Mrs Armitage to church each week, to see how to keep passengers safe. We described Cassie so that Parker could find her.  


Cassie taught us all about safety on aeroplanes and the equipment we would need on board. We wrote report for the Wright Brother's.


Cassie took us to church with Mrs Armitage to show us how she keeps her safe with air bags, seatbelts and brakes. We described the amazing building that we saw.

We created a pop art style Cassie the Car.

Our next mission was to help Parker with his landing, he kept crashing and we were worried what might happen over water. We were sent to meet Boris the Boat who took us out to sea. Whilst at sea a terrible storm him. We wrote a recount of what happened.


We needed to work out how to make sure Parker was waterproof. We tested different materials and found that we should make a boat out of plastic as it was waterproof and light. We then wrote instructions to make our boats.

We wrote reports on the effectiveness of different materials for waterproofing and floating.

The huge waves came over the boat with a CRASH! We made a pop art style crash to show what happened.

Our next mission was to test Parker's navigation ability. We needed to make sure he could get from one place to another in the sky. We were sent to meet Bruce the Bus who took us on his normal bus route. We had to ask Bruce for his help.

There was a problem on Bruce's route, a tree had fallen in the road. We described what had happened.


We had to take a different route home. We went past lots of wonderful sights!

We created our own bus designs to put on Bruce to cover where the sign post fell and damaged his bus. We used the iPads.

We thought we would find out more about the Wright Brother's so we created a fact file.