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You're going to draw a picture of your favourite yeti and around the outside I want you to label it with lots of exciting adjectives to describe them!


Think about:

Their personality

Their appearance

What they own/wear


Below, is a list of adjectives to help you. Choose the ones that match your yeti the most!


The yetis: 

Lucy (Who loves food!).

Ambrose (Who looks quite scary but isn't).

Clarence (Not the smartest yeti around).



For our first geography lesson this week, we're going to learn about cities. Follow the instructions on the slides and complete the different activities - if you want to challenge yourself have a go at the challenge below! 



Following on from your work on cities yesterday, we're going to continue to think about counties. Follow the slides below to find out what a county is compared to a city. Then, in the story the yetis are in Hampshire, you're going to create a fact file all about Hampshire.


I want to know:

- What counties border Hampshire?

- What cities are in Hampshire?

- What is Hampshire famous for (food/events)?

- Did any famous people come from Hampshire?

- Any other interesting details.


If you finish that, you can then choose any other county from the map below and answer the same questions by researching that one.



For today's Adventure lesson, I'd like you to think forward to next year! When you all return to school, you only have 1 full week left in Year 3/4! You're soon going to be meeting your new teacher and I'd like you to complete a wish jar today which you can take to your new teacher when you meet them to tell them what you hope to achieve in their class. There is a template below for you to use or you could make your own! 



This afternoon, I'd like us to have a device free afternoon and have a try at some of the wellbeing activities below. If you don't want to do any of these activities, maybe you could play a game with somebody at home or go and help out in the garden. Try and spend some time away from the screen and do something which relaxes you and gets you ready for coming back to school on Monday!