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Adventure 4: Are You Incredible?

Are You Incredible?

In our last adventure we turned into superheroes. On this adventure we want to find out what our super power is and enroll in superhero school! However, there is a problem. Superhero school will not let us join them until we know our power. Luckily, we get assigned to a super family, The Incredibles. Can they help us find our power in time?

As our last adventure ended, we were now superheroes. A spell had been cast upon us and we suddenly had capes and masks! The only problem was we didn’t know what our power was.

We thought about the different powers that superheroes we knew had. We then thought about what we would do if we had that power.

This week Mr Incredible was told he had to stay at home and look after the children whilst Elastigirl went on a mission. To help Mr Incredible look after Jack-Jack we made some cookies. We thought this would help his emotional wellbeing. 

Mr Incredible set us some tasks to see how strong we were and if super strength was our super power!

This week Elastigirl set us some challenges to see if we were as flexible as she was! Some of us were super bendy.

Elastigirl was trying to stop the Screenslaver. We made some fake googles so that the Screenslaver would think we were hypnotised. 

This week our mission was with Violet. The magical daffodil that can give you super powers had been stolen. We had to get it back and look after it. We conducted an experiment to see how we should look after it.

We hoped that we could make another magical daffodil grow, so we investigated different seeds and how they grew into a plant.

We then decided to trick Syndrome by making our own magical colour changing flowers.