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Adventure 6 - Finding Finn

Finding Finn - Summer 2


For this adventure we are all becoming fish under the sea. We are going on a school trip to the edge of the reef.  Won’t it be fun to play a game of hide and seek with all our fish friends, but Finn is far too good at hiding and we can’t find him. We need to send out a search party! Follow us on our adventure to find Finn! I wonder who we will meet on the way.


Our song for this half term is one of Miss Gravestock’s favourites! What a great song to follow our adventure under the sea!

The Little Mermaid - Under the Sea

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Week 1 

This week we have learnt to be like fish because for this adventure we will be spending it under water! We have been acting out the different things we see under the sea such as slowly swimming with turtles, blowing bubbles as we breathe, cautiously swimming past the sharks being careful not to be eaten and happily waving to our fish friends.


We wanted to remember what we saw on our trip in the ocean so we wrote a recount and created some under the sea prints with bubble wrap!


Our science this half term is focussed on living, dead and never been alive so as part of learning about living, and in relation to our topic being underwater, we have got a class pet (or pets!) We have learnt all about their habitat today and what they need and we prepared it ready to put the eggs into the water. It looked like we were putting soil into the water but actually there are mini eggs which in the right conditions will hatch! Hopefully they will be with us in up to 3 days!

Week 2


Today in our adventure under the sea, we found Timmy the turtle with a straw up his nose from all the plastic pollution! We have decided we need to take action and this week we will be focussing on recycling and ways in which we can help the environment. 


We had a debate for and against plastic and look how amazing our points were!


Still image for this video

IMG_2929_Trim (2).mp4

Still image for this video

We have been looking at the effects on Timmy the turtle who we found with a straw up his nose! We have put our science heads on and investigated turtle habitats and facts! We found out where they live, including their habitats and some facts about Timmy!


Look what we saw as we came into class today! Our triops have hatched and we have spent some time watching how they move.


We have focussed our learning on recycling this week and how we can make a purpose for something not used anymore including nature which has fallen off the trees and bushes. 


We have created some pictures out of leaves, twigs and other things we found on natures floor to create meaningful pictures. We have some butterfly's, trees and other fascinating creations! 



Week 3

Whilst we have been continuing our adventure under the sea, we met Jemma the jellyfish. Sadly she was caught up in a plastic bag and needed our help to save her! She was struggling to swim properly so we needed to do everything we could to help her.


We were all very touched by the effects of the litter under the sea on Jemma, and wanted to make people aware of the consequences of throwing litter! We created posters to show people their actions are affecting wildlife and try to persuade them to stop!


We have been continuing our work with looking at how different religions care for the environment. We had a class discussion and found out that there were multiple different religions within our class but we came up with an activity which we could all do together and show how we can collectively care for the environment.



On Thursday it was RSE day with a focus on 'faces' so we spent the afternoon completing activities discussing the theme faces. We started by watching the assembly all about how to be a good friend and how we can build a friendship tree.


Then we drew ourselves in a love heart and we talked about everything we like about ourselves. We then went around the room and everyone said something they liked about each person. We also discuss what our aspirations were for the future and discussed what we might need to do to get there.



We created a friendship tree as a class and we all put our fingerprints on the tree to show we will all stick together and grow together as a class!



Week 4


It is our science week this week so we have been exploring and investigating everything science! The children have been fully immersed in exploring bugs and comparing things that are alive, dead and never been alive. 


To start off our science week, we had our very own bug hotel made especially for us so we went to explore what different habitats were in there and we predicted what kind of bugs we might find in each different section.



We had a science morning today, sadly we couldn't make it to the park but we were able to spend it on the field finding out what minibeasts were in our own school yard! First we were comparing and sorting different woodland and household objects into whether they were living, dead or never been alive. 



Next we went looking for things that were alive, we knew trees were alive because they needed nutrients from the sunlight and rainwater which we found out earlier in the week. We had a tick list and habitat to see which animals lived in different habitats and discussed why. We has some very brave children being careful picking up some very big minibeasts!



In our writing this week we have been creating our own stories writing about marine biologists under the sea! We included parts of our adventure and things we may see under the sea. We have some very creative writers in chestnut!


Week 5


Today whilst we were looking for Finn, we came across an injured Dolphin! Dolly was stuck in a net because a fisherman had dropped it in!


We wrote some letters to some fishermen asking them to release Dolly because it is not acceptable for het to be caught up in this! First it was Timmy, then Jemma and now Dolly! We have had enough!


We have also been looking into the facts about Dolly to learn more about her and her other dolphin friends. We have seen how precious they are and how much they need to be protected so they don't become extinct!

In our maths this week we have been looking at shape to make sure we remember all the features of shapes! We have been categorising them into faces, edges and vertices.

We even took this learning outside to do some categorising in the sun! We had so much fun!

Following on with our focus on recycling and understanding the benefits of recycling. Children made their own sea creature out of recycled materials (and some googly eyes) to show that we can reuse plastic into something purposeful!

We then wrote some instructions so that people would know how to make them again next time. We were ordering the pictures to show the correct order


Week 6


To start this week we created pictures using different materials including bubble wrap and a sponge. The idea was for children to explore the patterns that can be made in an under the sea picture.

In our DT we created our own rock pools after exploring the different creatures who live there. Our focus on habitats has provided new learning where children are discovering new creatures and understanding why they live in certain places.

In our maths this week we have been looking at measuring so we have been going around the classroom to measure different objects. We were comparing whether something was longer or shorter than a metre stick!

We also had an RSE lesson where we were talking about what we can do at different parts of our life. We were comparing our age of what we can do now that we couldn’t do when we was a baby for example use cutlery. And then we discussed what we can’t do now but will be able to do in the future such as buy a house and drive a car!


(We also had Ice pops to cool down from the sun! What a treat!)

To finish our week we created under the sea pictures with tissue paper and colour! To show our journey to finding Finn! Finally we found him!