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KS1 - We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

In Key Stage One their adventure took them all around the world with Seb the Spider. On his travels he meets lots of different animals who come along for the fun.


After setting off on his journey, Seb sent a letter to his friend Herbert the Hedgehog saying how much he missed him. He filled him in on some of his adventure so far. In Year 1 they focused on using full stops whilst in Year 2 they used the connective ‘because’.

When in Australia, they met Kelly and Marvin. They wrote descriptions of the animals they had met using objectives like apsotrophes for possession and expanded noun phrases. They also wrote a recount of their experience in the bush. They imagineered before writing their recounts to remember all they had done.

When they headed to Asia, the animals struggled in the heat so the children designed and made them traditional concial hats. They then wrote a set of instructions using imperative verbs.

Stepping foot in South America they noticed how impressive their surroundings were. The children imagineered their setting by moving around some photos and writing some key adjectives about them. They then used this to write descriptions.

Towards the end of the adventure the children reflected on their time meeting so many animals. They wrote descriptions using a range of objectives in different classes: full stops, capital letters and the use of ‘and’.

To mark the end of the adventure, they had the amazing chance to meet a creature. They held a range of animals: turtles, snakes and tarantulas. They wrote diaries about their day detailing what they did.