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Spring 1

The Great Fairy Tale Disaster

This half term our Adventure will lead us through a range of traditional fairy tale as we help ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ change his ways and not be so bad anymore. Each week we will help solve problems for the wolf and try to help him become the good character he longs to be.

Going on a wolf walk!

This week we have read lots of traditional fairy tales and found some of them have a big bad wolf. The new character in our adventure is a wolf who no longer wants to be bad. He wants to be a good wolf and make the other story characters happy. We have given our ideas of how to be a good wolf.
We have been reading traditional tales, most of which are set in the woods. We visited the woods to help us with describing story settings. We also talked about changes in winter and what we could see, hear and feel. The changes in winter were very obviously and all the children could see the leaves had fallen off the trees and were lying on the floor. We made a stick house like that from the 'three little pigs' story and some of us pretended to be the big bad wolf. We played team games such as tag off tree and we used amazing team work skills to carry the biggest, heaviest or longest sticks or logs. Look at our amazing photos.

Waterproof materials

We have been thinking of a way to keep the gingerbread man dry. We wrapped ginger biscuits in different materials to test which ones would keep him dry in the water. 

We found out the plastic bag was the best at keeping him dry! 

This week we counted 1:1 up to 10 using a ten frame to support counting the correct amount. We then decorated our gingerbread man with the smarties.

Chinese New Year Music with Mr Wears

We talked about the cultures and traditions in China and read a story about how a chinese family celebrate New Year. We watched a short video about the celebration and sang a song about using chopsticks.


We also listened to traditional chinese music and songs.

Exploring capacity outdoors

Measuring a chair big enough for Daddy Bear

This week we were asked to find a chair that was taller than 10 measuring sticks. We made a measuring stick using 10 lolly pop sticks and measured it against the chair.

Clapping to a rhythm

We clapped out a rhythm and sang a nonsense song to help us understand rhythm. 

Bee (1 clap) 

Spi-der (2 claps)

but-ter-fly (3 claps)

Cat-er-pill-ar (4 claps)


We moved the pictures to make different rhythms and different songs.


We have had a great time using our new instruments, learning to stop and play on command. We talked about how we use each instrument. Do we shake, twist, bang, tap, scrape the instrument. We made a lot of noise and loved it. 

Number Day

We had so much fun during National Number Day. The children really enjoyed the number exploration on the carpet. We talked about quantity and we were challenged to find as many numbers as possible in one item. E.g 1 car, 2 wheels on one side, 4 wheels on the whole car, 5 panels on the car, 6 windows on the car. We then combined objects to make bigger numbers the windows and the wheels equal 10. 


It really helped us to see number in the environment.

We went on  number hunt to find out where numbers are hiding in the environment. We found words with certain amounts of letters, we found 2 doors, 1 picture, 5 flowers etc. 

Acting our traditional tales