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Foundation: The Biggest Celebration in the World

In Birch and Ash classes their adventure took them on a journey through lots of different celebrations. It all began when the magical lamp from the display disappeared. A genie helped them through their adventure and celebrations like Diwali, thanksgiving, bonfire night and ending at Christmas!


When searching for the lamp the children found a secret cave. They went inside and found the lamp along with the genie. After Imagineering this experience, the children wrote what they had seen in the cave.

They also made a safety poster about how to remain safe when out on Bonfire Night.

When learning about thanksgiving, the children wanted to prepare a thanksgiving dish so went to Morrisons to get the ingredients they would need. The children wrote shopping lists to take along with them.

Finally, the children had the exciting experience of toasting marshmallows on the field. They watched a real fire pit being lit and then one by one toasted their marshmallows. When back inside, they wrote about their experience.