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Children begin learning about data handling in Year Two when they learn how picture graphs can be used to represent information. They learn to use the key, first using the picture to represent 1.

In Year Three, children consolidate their knowledge of picture graphs, drawing their own and using a key to explain what each picture represents. Tally charts and bar graphs are introduced; children learn how to draw them as well as interpret the data. 


Line graphs are introduced in Year Four. Children learn how to read them and also how to draw them using some given data.

In Year Five, children learn how to interpret data that is presented in tables. They also interpret line graphs of increasing difficulty with more than one line of information.

Children in Year Six consolidate their knowledge by reading and interpreting all graphs and charts learnt throughout their time at Westwood. Pie charts are introduced and children use their knowledge of percentages and angles to interpret and draw them. They also learn about the mode, mean, median and range.