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Adventure 1: Island Invaders

This adventure is based on the story 'Beowulf' where a warrior is given the task of slaying a blood-thirsty monster that is terrorizing the villages. The story takes us back to Anglo-Saxon times; this period of History being our focus for this half term. The children will be learning about Anglo-Saxon life, politics and history.

We were introduced to our new adventure on the field today. There was a archeological site that had remains from a part of History. We had to complete a code breaker using Anglo-Saxons runes to reveal our adventure title. 

We created an Art Gallery in our classroom to explore our new artist this half term. We appraised his work and made guesses at what mediums he used to create his art. Could it be painting? Could it be collage?

In History, we have been exploring the reasons why the Anglo-Saxons invaded England. We identified which factors were push and which were pull. We also used atlases to locate their countries of origin and the journeys they made to where they settled.

In writing, we have been generating ideas for a character description of Grendel. Today we did a ‘role on the wall’ and wrote down on a large piece of paper all our adjectives, phrases and ideas that we could use in our writing later on.

We have been calculating the weight using newtons and the mass using grams. We compared the two measurements and established that 1 newton is equivalent to 100grams. We made great scientists!

In RE, we have been researching different pilgrimages from different religions. We used iPads and factfiles to come up with ideas and we will be presenting these with our groups next week.

This we we are writing a diary entry from the perspective of Beowulf the night before his plight. We decided to hotseat the character to think about how he felt, what he thought and his plan. We came up with questions before asking a few people on the hot seat!

Beowulf hotseating

Still image for this video

Beowulf hotseating

Still image for this video

In Science, we have been experimenting with water resistance and testing how fast different 3D shapes fall through water. We wrote a prediction and conclusion, recording our results in a table.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

After designing our collage boxes, we have started drawing our elements to layer up next week. We used sketching pencils and coloured pencils to draw in the style of Alexander Korzer. Check back soon to see our final product!

In History, we have become true historians! We have been exploring Viking artefacts and made inferences about what Viking life must have been like. After making our guesses, Miss Cunningham gave us the answers. Some of our guesses were accurate and some were slightly more abstract.

This week in writing, we have recreated the scene where Grendel is slaughtered by Beowulf. The children created freeze frames that they used when writing their newspaper reports. These included eyewitness testimonies from those on scene.

We played Articulate this week to practice our wizard words. We came up with our definitions and tested our partner defining each word without saying it exactly!

In our mindmate lesson, we have been thinking about how we can show kindness and the impact this can have on other people.

In RSHE, we have been exploring adverts and their honesty. We watched multiple adverts for different snacks and discussed the detail that was included. We then created an ‘honest’ advert, outlining each snack’s sugar content, fat and the impact it has on our bodies.