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Class 4/5

Summer 2

Welcome back

This half term, we have followed the adventures of Sebastian  the crab.

He has taught us about his habitat - rock pools and even took us to visit his home in Scarborough sealife Centre - take a look at the pictures.  We had an amazing time!!

Whilst in Scarborough we took of the amazing scenery.  Once back in school, we painted these scenes using water colours.
We then used our paintings to create amazing appliques.  These are pictures made from material.

Summer 1




Welcome back!

Take a look at our amazing animal headresses!

We had great fun making them and even got to go outside in the sunshine!!

As part of our adventure, the children designed their own zoo!

The animals in our zoo inspired us to create some African silhouette artwork


As part of our science topic, we looked at teeth and the effect that some liquids have on them.  We used eggs in our experiment instead of teeth and left them in apple juice, orange juice, milk, water and cols for a week.  We found that the drinks with most sugar and acid had a terrible effect on the shell of the egg.  Milk and water had no effect.


Burn 2 Learn

We like to take our learning outside and in this maths lesson the children were converting hours to minutes.  They had to find the correct pairs of cards which were hidden in the playground.

Here's this half term's newsletter

We enjoy doing Burn 2 Lerans to help us focus and bring excercise into the classroom. Here we are doing one to our class song - 'Roar' by Katy Perry

Still image for this video



This half term, our adventure will take us to Ancient Rome.


The children will learn about life as a Roman soldier and some of the amazing things the Romans did for Britain.   For example, did you know that the Romans invented aqueducts?  They were very clever and used 'state of the art' technology to build them!

Image result for Royal armouries

Class 4/5 have had an amazing time at the Royal armouries.  They enjoyed looking round the museum and attended a workshop where they learned all about Roman soldiers.  They even got to try on some of the armour and handle the weapons!

Well done boys and girls - your behaviour was impeccable!

We have made and designed our own Roman chariots!
The children have learned to describe position on  a grid as coordinates.  They enjoyed playing 'battleships'.




In science, the children have been learning about the different states of mater - solids, liquids and gases.


States of matter.

Can you guess which state of matter the children are being?

read the descriptions and watch the video!



In a solid, particles are close together in ordered rows. They move a little bit on the spot.



In a liquid, the particles are quite close together, but can move around each other easily. They move quite a bit moving gently past each other.



In a gas, particles can move around very quickly in all directions. There is a lot of space between each particle.

Solid, liquid or gas?

Still image for this video

Solid, liquid or gas?

Still image for this video

Solid, liquid or gas?

Still image for this video

Solid, liquid or gas?

Still image for this video

Here are the answers.

Video 1= liquid.

Video 2 = gas.

Video 3= gas.

Video 4= solid.


Did you get them all correct??

We had lots of fun doing our Christmas performance of Aladdin
In our ukulele lesson we really enjoyed learning how to play Christmas songs. 


Still image for this video
We learnt about the Trojan war, we then designed and made our own Trojan horse.

This half term, we have been learning about Ancient Greece.


We made Greek clay pots.


Take a lookat some...



we still enjoy playing the ukulele every Wednesday with Mr Mercer. 

We have become budding musicians!!


Welcome back Class 4/5!




Autumn 1 Newsletter


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Every Wednesday morning, the children are very lucky to be taught the ukulele by our music teacher Mr Mercer. The children really enjoy this lesson and have the opportunity to perform solos!

As part of our science topic on sound, the children made their own insruments. They made Greek style guitars and panpipes.

Meet the parents!

To end our Greek Adventure, we invited our parents in to our classroom where we could serve them a 3 course Greek inspired menu.  The children enjoyed being chefs and waiters for the day.  They did a really good job.

Great waiters!

We even got to show off our musical skill with the instruments we made!