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Romans on the rampage!

Elder class hope you had a lovely half term week and your now ready four our next adventure! ROMANS ON THE RAMPAGE!

During our first lesson back, we received an email from a group of archaeologists wanting to do an exciting dig at our school! Unfortunately, they were tied up with something else and couldn't make it. This meant that the responsibility was left to Elder class. Were we up for the challenge? 


First we researched what it meant to be an archaeologist. Then we started the dig by making our way up to the filed. We were met by a site with lots of exciting Roman artefacts including a Roman shield, a holy bible, Roman rocks to build roads and many more.


After recording what we found we made our way back to the class room to discuss all of the artefacts and what their use and importance might have been during the period of the Roman empire. It was great to hear everyone's insights and excitement to learn more!

Following on from our archaeological dig, we looked at the Roman empire in more detail and how they invaded different countries over time. Through looking at different maps with areas shaded where the Romans invaded we were able to see the see significant shift of power.


To understand this further. We thought it would be an excellent idea to show this Roman invasion out on the playground! We took the different maps outside highlighting where the Romans controlled at a range of times. Then we created the outline of countries using different recourses. 


We gradually filled the different countries with our Roman army right from 800 BC where they had no control to 305 AD where they controlled a proportion of Britain, Africa and Europe.


We returned back to the classroom to answer further questions on Roman invasions including some of the struggles the Romans had when invading, who they faced and their tactics.

This week Elder class have been getting into the mind of a Roman solider! For a brief period Mr Hayes and Mrs Russell were no longer teachers but instead leaders of our very own army! In class we researched different tactics the Romans used during battle for example formations like the Orb, Repel cavalry and the tortoise. We worked out why they were effective and how they were used.


Following this, Me and Mrs Russell marched the army out onto the playground. Without hesitation, we got our armies into the different formations and prepared for battle!


When we returned to the classroom, we answered questions on the various tactics and formations. After this, Elder class wrote a diary entry as if they were a Roman solider returning from a battle.

We've been looking at Boudicca this week and her rebellion against the Romans! After discovering the events that led to Boudiccas rebellion we were introduced to a rage of people during this time. For example, a fabric salesman, a slave, Paulinus (a Roman emperor), Boudicca her self and Milo (a Roman soldier) The class were split up into groups and went off to research each person.


The class then devised a pose that they thought would suit their character. Finally, we answered a range of questions in role relating to the treatment of the Iceni by the Romans, Boudiccas rebellion and who came out victorious.

Best burn 2 learn ever!


Working in groups we went around the school collecting information, headings and pictures of weapons and clothing the Romans used! One person from each group was stationed in the classroom and they had the tricky job of arranging all the information into the correct place. When this was completed we recorded it in our adventure books.

In Science we have been looking at solids, liquids and gasses! After looking at the different particle formation of each, we went out onto the playground and made a visual representation.


We then came back to the classroom and grouped different materials into solids, liquids and gasses using a venn diagram. We recorded what we learnt in our adventure books.