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Spring 1- Shiver me timbers

This adventure we are joining Christopher Columbus on his adventure to discover new places around the world. We will be learning about directions to help us navigate our ship and to help us find treasure. I wonder what we will find when we look around the Island we have found…



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Mr Cooper has set us a challenge as the history lead... 

First in writing we did a character description of Christopher Columbus.

In history we looked at Christopher Columbus
and what he did! We learnt lots of interesting facts and made a fact file. 

In geography we have been using our map skills to locate the 7 different continents. We had so much fun exploring with the atlases! 

We then labelled our own maps, we knew Christopher Columbus wanted to get to Asia but he ended up in South America.

In RE we are looking at how and why we care for others. We first talked about caring and who we cared for and why, The children then created a care tree and added people who they cared about.

We shared stories about caring. We particularly enjoyed, "The Rainbow Fish." 

This week we discovered the island. In order to navigate around the island we needed to make a map. We knew a map needed to have a key. First we explored a variety of maps with keys. Then we thought about what we would pass on our island and how we could create simple images of these for our own key.


We then created our own maps of the island.

In science we have been learning about parts of the human body. We sung songs, looked at parts of our own bodies and then had great fun labelling our friends body parts! The children then labelled bodies in their adventure books.

We then started looking at our senses. We are learning about the 5 senses and which body part controls these. First we looked at taste as we tried some of the famous food that Christopher Columbus brought back. We tried pineapple, tomatoes and sweetcorn. We described the taste and discovered that our taste buds are on our tongues. 

We then looked at sight, and the importance of sight. The children got the chance to experience what it was like without their sight. We were blind folded and the children had to rely on their partners to safely guide them around the cones in the playground, avoiding obstacles and their peers. The children realised they had to use their other senses to help them. They had to listen to their partners and feel where they were going and that there was nothing in front of them.

The children also went on a listening walk both outside and inside of school. We discussed what we could hear and whether the noises were loud, quiet, near or far away. The children then recorded their findings of their walk.

We then learnt all about touch. What we use for touch and the different parts of our hands. We then played a feely game where we had to use our touch to feel and guess hidden objects. We described what they felt like...

On the island we discovered a whomping willow tree. The tree grew the strangest fruits. We created our own fruit from the whomping willow tree as our final art piece this half term, but look at the process we took in order to get there...