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As part of our learning today we are going to set you some fun challenges.


The first one of these involves you going on a walk with your mum or dad and collecting some natural materials. You will then need some flour and water glue or PVA glue. You could get the natural materials from your garden or the the park. 

See if you can find:



Different coloured bark

Maybe you will choose different types of leaves for colour


When you get home lay out all your objects. 

Can you design and make a natural dinosaur and glue the parts in place on a piece of paper or card. You might choose to make a big dinosaur outside in the back garden on the path or patio. 

Here are some ideas!

Make sure you wash your hands after collecting your items. 

Dino Pizza Making 

You can make these as a tasty meal for Friday tea. You can either do this from scratch or buy mini pizzas, cheese, tomatoes, ham and cucumber from Aldi or which ever supermarket you are visiting. 

I will include a simple recipe for Pizza dough below if anyone would like to make from scratch which is always fun with kids as they can measure, pour and knead. Below is a link to a recipe for 'no yeast pizza dough' on BBC good food and some photos for inspiration. As part of our literacy for today can you get your child to write the ingredients they will choose to put on their pizza. 


We are learning to say when a container is full, half full or empty!

Full and Empty | Lili & Torto's Opposite Show (Sesame Studios)

While Lili and Toro are picking berries, Torto's basket stays empty, but his tummy is full! "Full" and "Empty" are very very different. They're opposites!--T...

I would like you to get some different sized containers and have a go at filling them with different amounts of water. Can you make one full, half full and another empty. 


Extra challenge? Which container can hold 5 cups? Which container holds the most water? Which holds the least amount of water?

Star of the Week

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