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Wellbeing Award

Wellbeing Award for Schools (WAS)

At Westwood Primary we pride ourselves on how much we value children's, parent's and staff's mental health. We aim to promote an inclusive and welcoming community within school that enables children to feel they can speak about their emotional well being freely. 


Westwood have signed up to the Well Being Award in a bid to further our development relating to mental health and we hope that the award can recognise the hard work that already happens within school. The well being award is split into eight objectives, with evidence being given to support every objective. The objectives are - 


1)To promote and protect well being.

2)To have a clear vision and strategy for promoting mental health.

3) To develop a positive culture within school .

4)To actively promote staff well being. 

5)To prioritise professional learning and staff development.

6)To understand the different types of emotional and mental health.

7)To seek on going participation of the whole community.

8)To work in partnership with other schools. 





September 2020 - Well Being Walk In 


A well being walk in was created in the outside courtyard area this year. The walk in has two additions of the schools guinea pigs. It also has calming music playing, a relaxing water fall and hand prints all over the walls which the children were given the chance to paint on. Anyone is welcome to use the walk in and children love to go there for their lunch, for some quiet time and to complete their work. 

October 2020 - Hello Yellow. 


Westwood took part in the Hello Yellow day, in which we had a day off timetable to focus on our mental health and well being. We had lots of fun completing yoga exercises, mindfulness colouring, learning breathing techniques and having time to talk sessions throughout the day. 




December 2020 - Sensory Room 


A brand new sensory room was established in December. This is a safe space for children to go to and they have loved being given the chance to either relax with the disco lights, play with the bright bricks or watch the toy fish float.