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Adventure 4- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This half term we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we have been learning so much about the factory and using our adjectives and fronted adverbials to describe the sweet room, we have been busy in our art drawing the sweet room and our geography plotting the rooms with a 4-digit map reference!


We have been THAT busy that some of our class have turned into Oompa Loompa's! Do you think we will get free access into Wonka's factory now? I hope so!






This week we have been looking at how water is transported through a plant. The children disected some celery to see how water might be transported through a plant. From investigating the celery we saw there were small tubes all the way from the bottom to the top which we found out were called xylem and we predicted that these were what transported the water up a plant. 


We conducted an investigation where children came up with the idea to add food colouring to water which would allow us to see the colour rise up the celery allowing us to see how far the water had travelled. We all made predictions as to what we thought would happen during our investigation. We let the celery sit for 24 hours before checking to see the results!





Sketch Maps- We have been looking at our local area and continuing with our knowledge on maps. In our geography we have been doing a lot of work on 4-digit grid references and are moving on to 6-digit and 8-digit. These were examples of one type of map, we have then used our geography and art skills to draw our own sketch map of our local area. We used an example map to help us draw our own, we started drawing the main roads and then moved on to the shops and buildings. We know that on a sketch map we don't need to include every tree and flower just the main buildings and streets.

We have some very good artists in Oak, I think I would be able to find my way around your local area using these maps! Have a look below!



In our adventure lessons this week we have been studying an artist called Angie Lewin and we found out that she creates her artwork through printing. In Oak we have used Angie's technique by carving our design out on foam blocks and printing our very own Wonka's sweet room. You can see the concentration it took to carve out our trees and the end result of the prints! There are some really amazing sweet rooms!




We have been thinking about adjectives and how we describe different sweets in Wonka's factory. Children in Oak watched part of the sweet setting from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we discussed what you might be able to see/smell/feel/hear and taste when you walked into that room. There were different sections of the sweet room around the classroom and children had to make their way around describing the different senses. Their were stimuli at each section of the sweet room where children were able to taste different sweets and smell the different aromas to give them inspiration for their writing.