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Tuesday 19th January


We are looking at patterns today using shapes. Have a look at the pattern and see if you can figure out what shape is missing or comes next.  


Have a look at each picture. Can you make a prediction of what might happen next after each one?


Deep in the lagoon we saw lots of different creatures. We are going to tell the natives what we saw (they have never been down there, they are too scared!).


Have a look through the PowerPoint to remind yourself of the creatures and facts about them.


We need to put the information in a report.


we need:

  • a title
  • introduction
  • subtitles (names of each creature we are talking about)
  • information 


We have been looking at what we put in our bodies and if it is safe to just put anything we find into our bodies. Deep in the lagoon there are lots of options for food but just because we are hungry should we eat anything?


Have a go at the scenarios below. What should each person do?