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Spring 1

Spring 1

Crime of the Century...

When we had arrived back at school after the Christmas holidays, Class 3 were greeted with a terrible scene. The classroom had been turned upside down, and in the middle of it was a crime scene!


In that crime scene there were 5 clues, left by suspects.

There was:

· A Vivienne Westwood perfume bottle

· A Kippah

· A torn up Ed Sheeran CD cover

· A battery pack

· A paint roller

The children were eager to investigate these further so took some pictures to help with our investigation.

We were asked by the Detective to help him lead this case. Our first clue took us to meet Benjamin Franklin. He was to teach us all about electricity in Science.


He taught us all about circuits, electrical currents, where electricity comes from and how we use it. We even got to make our own electrical circuits, sometimes using a buzzer or a switch!


We completed some excellent work for Benjamin Franklin and he gave us a clue...


The suspect was MALE!

From there we next went to investigate Rabbi Sacks. We learnt that he is a very famous Rabbi in the Jewish community. We were to learn about the Jewish Faith with him.


He taught us all about Jewish celebrations - such as Bar and Bat Mitzvah's, what Jewish people can and cannot eat and all about Jewish pilgrimages.


We even went on a Jewish pilgrimage ourselves to the famous Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Rabbi Sacks said that because we had done such amazing work for him, he would give us another clue!


He told us that the suspect is 1.8m tall.

After Rabbi Sacks we went to meet with Vivienne Westwood. She had left a perfume bottle at the scene of the crime and we wanted to know more.


We found out that she is a world renowned designer and was going to teach us all about Textiles for DT.


With Vivienne we learn all about product designs and specifications, logos and sewing.


We each practised sewing before designing and then making our own functioning purses. We were all very proud of these as sewing is very tricky!


She then told us that the suspect has a popularity of 8.

We were getting closer to revealing the thief's true identity! Next we met Ed Sheeran - who we all know and love!


He was going to teach us all about how to make your own music on the computer, tying ICT and music all into one.


We learnt how to create tunes on isleoftune and we all made some fantastic beats! We also enjoyed learning Ed Sheeran's songs to then perform and sing to the parents.


We even wrote him some fan mail and sent it in the post!


He then told us that the suspect was actually deceased.

All of those clues pointed the finger directly to Andy Warhol - the artist who had left the paint roller at the crime scene!


He told us that he had simply wanted to borrow our golden flower for some new Pop Art he was working on. He taught us all about screen printing and the Pop Art movement which was exciting and colourful.


We wrote a leaflet about Andy Warhol before creating our own repeated screen print!