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Special days

Euro 2020 day

Today we celebrated Euro 2020. Due to England being in the quarter finals, we all came dressed in football kits or sports wear. It was so much fun. We also made England flags and had lots of England themed activities. It was lots of fun. We even played football on the field!


Today it was RSE day where we talked about our feelings and made sure we all knew that we could talk to an adult if we were feeling sad or scared or unhappy. We made some love hearts and decorated them using pink and red materials. We then talked about our feelings and made feeling monsters. We even had a go at writing how we were feeling. We had a lovely day and made sure we all looked after each other. 

Number Day

It was number day on friday so we all came dressed in non uniform and something with numbers on it. It was so much fun. We had numbers in our provision and we played lots of games to do with numbers too. Have a look at some of the photos of what we got up to. 

Easter egg-stravaganza

We had a lovely day just before Easter celebrating by coming in non-uniform and bringing in decorated eggs. They were brilliant. We had egg-vengers, Captain Tom Moore and a lovely farm and loads more! Here are some of the designs.

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day

Today we celebrated Red Nose Day by dressing up in red non-uniform and bringing in £1. We also had a red nose and spoon race in the outdoor area which was so much fun. The children had to practise balancing the nose on the spoon and most of them got the hang of it. They loved racing-bring on sports day!! We also made red nose collages and designed our own red noses. We had red rice and lots of red things in the rice. It was lots of fun!

World Book Day


We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 4th March. We had such a good day doing lots of activities to do with books. We even dressed up as our favourite book characters. Mrs Gray and Mrs Norton were Supertato and the Evil Pea. We had lots of fun!


In our tuff tray we had the three little pigs. The children had to make a house using straw, sticks and bricks. They did a brilliant job and some were even able to re tell the story. 
We went on a scavenger hunt and had to search through lots of stories to find the characters on our lists. We found frogs, witches, kings and lots more! We used magnifying glasses to find them!

Buddy the Elf


Buddy the Elf has come to visit!! He is so excited to meet you all. He left us a note from the North Pole and he has said that he is going to bring us a letter each day which will spell out a message! We are all so excited to see if we can find him each day and what the message will say.


Where is Buddy today? Can you find him.....
Evie found Buddy today and he brought the letter 'a.' 
Who can find Buddy today?
Freya and Romy found Buddy this morning. He brought the letters h and r today!
We found Buddy hiding inside the builders helmet and the next day he had hidden at the bottom of the box of red duplo bricks, maybe he's thinking of starting a building project!  
Neve found Buddy today! She was so excited!! The message now says 'Father Christmas is coming....' One more day to find out what it says!

The message said 'Father Christmas is coming....soon!!' So exciting!!


We hope he visited you and you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We cannot wait to have you back in Nursery!

Christmas Jumper Day and Christmas Dinner Day
Today was Christmas Dinner Day and Christmas Jumper Day. We had the best day. We all came dressed in Christmassy tops and then we did some Christmas dancing. We then had our Christmas dinner in the hall with Christmas songs and the Christmas tree. It was so much fun!

Macmillan Cancer 


Cancer affects so many people throughout their lives so we wanted to do something to raise some money for this amazing charity. We brought cakes and juice into the classrooms and during snack time we sat down, talked about why we were having cake and enjoyed it together.


Thank you to everyone who donated to this brilliant charity. We will let you know how much we raised soon.....

Mental Health Awareness Day


Today we celebrated mental health awareness day by dressing in yellow! The teachers all came dressed as Minions!

We talked about different feelings and were able to say if a character was sad, happy or angry. We worked in small groups and had lovely conversations. 

We then made minion masks for fun and made a giant minion together. It was a great day!

Children In Need

We have had a fantastic day celebrating all things Pudsey Bear for Children in Need. Everyone came in non-uniform or pudsey bear clothes and they all look fabulous. They also brought in £1 to give to charity. We had a pudsey bear tuff tray with yellow sand for the children to make marks and patterns in. They absolutely loved it! 

We also had lots of different colouring sheets for the children to cut out and colour in. We had lots of fun and raised lots of money for charity.