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Spring 2

Spring 2

A Roman Invasion!

We began this half term back with the detective from our last crime. He was so impressed with us he wanted to send us somewhere to celebrate! He said he was sending us to Italy...little did we know he meant to Ancient Rome!


We began our adventure travelling back in time to Ancient Rome. We arrived in a dusty, old village in AD43. The village was crumbling and dirty, with only a small art shop in the middle. We were greeted by a teenage boy called Remus. He invited us to have a look around the village and his family art shop.


His family run and own the village Art shop, which makes and sells mosaic and paintings to the highest Roman officials. It is renowned for its high quality pieces, meaning Roman Emperors often buy from here. There has been an order placed whilst we are there and we are asked to help his family make the painting mosaics. 


As we are finishing our amazing mosaics, Remus received a letter through the door about joining the army and what equipment he will need. We researched lots of different Roman Arm equipment and then got to work making Remus a fantastic Roman shield to protect him.

Once he is equipped with his armour, Remus invites us to join him as he joins the Army to march forward towards Britain where the army has already invaded. As we are walking (we are walking for a very long time) he starts to tell us about the History of the Roman Empire. We learnt all about Boudicca on the walk over to Britain and learnt about her rule as the Queen of the Iceni tribe.

As we have been marching with Remus, we have also learnt about Hadrian's Wall. We learnt lots of exciting facts about this. We also learnt about the relaxing Roman Baths!


Sadly lots of soldiers died during this time which meant we got to learn about Life and Death as part of our RE topic.


We continue on marching and once we come into Britain we see an aqueduct – we have never seen one before and from this we began to look and learn about States of Matter for Science. We learnt all about solid, liquid and gas particles and what these look like. 

We also had a fantastic time at the Royal Armouries this half term. We took part in workshops and even got to try on real Roman Armour and equipment. The chain mail was a particular favourite!