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Wednesday 6th January 2021



Below you will find the text 'The Wind and the Willows' by Kenneth Grahame. Remember we looked at this at the start of this week! You need to read the text and pretend you are the mole. What must your life be like? What has this day been like? There are some activities below for you to complete when you have read it. You might have done one of these at school this week so if you have, pick the other one. On the visualisation activity you should draw a picture of the main scene that comes into your head from the text. Below your picture, you should also copy down 3 different quotes from the text that helped you visualise this picture. For the diary activity, you are going to write a diary about your day where you are pretending to be the mole. Remember this should be written in first person so the language you should be using is 'I, me and my.' Remember to show off all your writing skills! 

Friday 20th November 2020

Now you know the Pocohontas text, have a go at some of these activities. For the ‘See, Wonder, Infer’ activity you should look at the pictures and write your answers in each box. For the ‘literal and infer’ activity, you should read this part of the text and write down anything you infer or anything that is literal from this.

Wednesday 16th November 2020


Today, we are going to look at the text Pocahontas by E.B White. Have a read of the text to yourself and see if you can answer the questions about them. The questions are all related to inference so you need to be a bit of a detective and look for clues to work out the answers. 

These slides will help you for the WHOLE WEEK.

Thursday 5th November


First, start by rereading the text. Today, you'll be practicing your summarising skills. Read through the slides for Thursday to find out what to do and use the sheet below.

Wednesday 4th November


Today we are going to think about the connections we make when reading an extract – these connections are the other things that we relate to. For example it might make us think of another story we have read, or a character may be similar to another we are familiar with etc.  These connections help us to understand what we are reading. Therefore the more we read and the more experiences we gain, ultimately the better our understanding can be.  


After re-reading the survivors extract, can you think of a colour, a word and then draw a picture to sum up what the text makes you think of? For example, when Miss Shaw read it she thought of the colour red because of the potential danger, she thought of the word brave because the girl in the text had to show lots of bravery and then she drew a picture of a jungle because of the Amazon setting. 
Afterwards, I would like you to think about other connections you make with this text. Using the worksheet, think about the connections you make with yourself, firstly writing and then drawing a picture in the second box. Then think about links you make with other texts you had read (are there any similar), with real life and then with other forms of media such as games/film etc. 

Tuesday 3rd November


Before reading the extract, look at the cover and blurb and see what information you can decypher - making notes on your ideas: what is the book about? what genre is it? who is the main character? what is the atmosphere of the story?


Next, read the extract and think about any questions you might have.