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Spring 1

         Dinosaur Discovery

Week 6


Valentines Day is coming up so we have had fun doing activities linked to this.

We have read two stories,  'Guess how much I Love you' which is all about how the little and big Nutbrown Hares show each other how much they love each other.  We reached up as high as we could, and stretched out as wide as we could, just like the hares in the story.

We also listened to the story 'The littlest things give the loveliest hugs'   in this story, we meet lots of different creatures, all having cuddles, kisses or hugs with their babies.   We loved looking at the pictures and thought the baby animals were so cute!
We played a fun  sorting game, where we picked a card, said how many hearts we could see and placed it on the poster for that number of hearts.  In the end , we had sorted all the cards so that all the 1 were together, all the 2 heart cards were together and the cards with 3 hearts were all together. 
We loved exploring bubbles and foam.  We used whisks to mix and mix and watched as the bubbles and foam appeared.  We used spoons to scoop up the foam an collect it in small bowls.   Because of valentines day we decided to make it look more interesting so added food colouring to make it pink and then sprinkled heart shaped confetti into it.
We also made valentines day cards for the people we love and had a really good go at writing them too. Have a look and see if you can see yours! 
The heart puzzles were good fun too,   some hearts were cut into 2 pieces and some into 2 pieces.  the pink one was really tricky but we didn't give up! 
Paper hugs 
We made paper hugs which were so much fun and gave them eyes and a smiley mouth. We practised cutting our hearts out and folding a strip of paper over and under, over and under. We loved them and they gave us lovely hugs! 
We made jam tarts and Chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year and the last day of term!! 

We were all interested to explore the ice  and found that there were dinosaurs  frozen inside.   We tried to get into the ice but is was really really hard, we even bent some metal spoons we were trying so hard!      We thought about what we could do to try and melt the ice faster so that we didn't have to wait all day!    "We could get some water, that will melt it"      "This is salt, use this"   a couple of children said.


There was lots of ice outside this week, we found some great pieces of ice in the containers in the mud kitchen. 

Week 5

Mad about Dinosaurs

This week we are reading this book about Dinosaurs. It has lots of different poems in it about all the different types of dinosaur. We love the one about the T-Rex the best!  

We have been making our own dinosaurs using our hands and fingers as spikes on the back of our dinosaur. They look really good. Have a look below! 
We have measured the different dinosaurs and how long or tall they are by counting cubes. We did a really good job!
We also made peg names. We were able to find our name cards, then match the letters to the letters on the pegs. We were able to repeat each letter sound after Mrs Gray said it to us. We loved doing this activity and practised our fine motor skills at the same time by pegging the pegs onto the dinosaurs. 
We had fun playing bowling outside. We wanted to do something we cannot do at the moment and we found the skittles outside. We practised our gross motor skills and had lots of fun! 
We did some exploring of different dinosaur sounds. We found out there were so many different dinosaurs and they all made such different sounds from roaring to screeching to wailing to stomping. We were fascinated by the different dinosaurs and how they lived in different places all around the world. We practised writing down what the dinosaurs said in the speech bubbles. Well done Nursery.

Week 4

Dinosaur Roar!!

This week in Nursery we have been reading the story, Dinosaur Roar!! It is such a lovely book with lots of comparisons in it. The children have loved listening to the story and taking part in activities related to it. 

We have also focused on the Great British Garden Birdwatch and made some bird feeders using cheerios and pipe cleaners. We have had a lovely time! 

Here is a brilliant song that we have listened to this week too!

Dinosaur Roar song

'Dinosaur Roar' from the album 'Songs To Make You Smile'. Get the album here: sure to subscribe to my channel!For more fun -F...

We made dinosaur footprints in paint and stomped them onto paper. Freya loved this activity and made all sorts of different prints. 
We compared sizes of dinosaur eggs and put them in order from smallest to biggest and biggest to smallest. We talked about what dinosaurs were the biggest and which were the smallest. We found that raptors were one of the smallest dinosaurs and triceratops were one of the biggest! 
We practised writing our names on our name cards. We traced the shapes of each letter of our name. We were so good at this. Some of us even had a go at writing our names without using the templates. 
We made stained glass dinosaurs using acetate and tissue paper. They look so lovely on our windows! When the sun shines, it comes through in different colours and shines into our classroom. 

Week 3


Tyrannosaurus Drip

Our story this week is Tyrannosaurus Drip. A little dinosaur's egg gets mixed up with a T-Rex's egg! What will happen? Whoever heard of a vegetarian T-Rex? This little dinosaur is in the wrong nest. He may look small and weedy, but don't be fooled by his size-Tyrannosaurus Drip is brave, and very clever!

This is our first half week back due to lockdown etc so we have been settling the children back into school. We even have sand now for them to play with and we will be doing lots of fun activities with them using the sand. We are so excited to have the children back and cannot wait to get started on our dinosaur discovery topic!


This week we have practised writing our names on dinosaurs. We have practised holding a pencil correctly and formed different shapes on paper. We have been so good at this. Here is some of our work.

Week 1

Our story this week is 'Meg's Eggs' by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski.

Meg the witch makes a spell to make eggs for dinner but it all goes wrong when the eggs hatch and out come Dinosaurs! 


Meg and Mog Megs eggs