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Friday 26th March

Maths Live lesson - 9:30

Today we are writing decimals using our knowledge of hundredths and tenths. 


Guided Reading Live lesson - 10:30am

Yesterday we discussed about having our very own debate! Make sure you come prepared to this lesson with notes from yesterday including your example arguments! Our debate today will be to persuade Billy what to do. After everyone has shared their arguments, you need to come to a conclusion of your personal opinion as what Billy should do. 


The live session will be available to rewatch so you can remind yourself of people's arguments.


Writing Live lesson - 1pm

We have been using lots of adverbs in our writing recently so today we are going to include them in our conclusions! During the live lesson, we will recap what an adverb is and how we use them. There is an example conclusion we will discuss and following this you will complete your letter by writing your own conclusion. 


Science - please complete at some point today. - please remember science is a core subject!

In our adventure today we are going to be focussing on the science of a plant and the different parts which make up any flower. Follow the powerpoint below which has all the information you need, it may be helpful to print out the picture of the flower and separate it into the different parts. Following this are some activities for you to complete about the different parts of a plant.


Challenge - create a poster which will help remind you of the different parts of a flower. (I would love to see these!)


Spelling and handwriting - please complete at some point today.

The link below explains todays lesson on the word endings 'cian'. This is followed by an activity and handwriting practice.


Assembly - Live at 2:30pm

Please log into teams and join by 2.30pm for a shared assembly with Mulberry class to celebrate all our achievements this week. This will include our normal celebrations like we have in school including any great work emailed to Oak, a star of the week and our British Value star! Mr Cooper and I look forward to seeing you all to celebrate this virtual week!