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Lesson 3

Today we learnt about our senses.

To start our lesson, we had a different activity on each table. Each table was responsible for a different sense.


On our taste table, we had plates of crisps and we didn't know the flavour. We had to taste the crisp and decide what it tasted like and to see if we could name the flavour.


On our smell table, we had different pots with different smells in them, we had to see if we could guess the smell!


On our feeling table, we had blind folds and objects. We had to see if we could guess the object in the box without looking at it.


On our hearing table, we had different noises and we had to guess what it was making the noise.


On our sight table, we had to see if we could find 10 things in the picture that we could see.


After we explored the different tables, we came back together to learn a bit more about our senses.