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Wednesday 24th March

Maths Live Lesson at 9:30

Today we are continuing writing hundredths but using counters to represent. 


Here is some of todays work from our Maths, look at how good we are at place value and writing hundredths!


Guided reading live lesson - 10:30

Today we are going to look at Billy's emotions through The Minpins. During the live input we will read more of the story and discuss what an emotions graph is. We will plot Billy's emotions as the story progresses thinking about how he may feel at certain parts of the story and why. 


Below are the slides used during the live input as well as the extracts from the text which can be downloaded.


We have had some amazing feeling charts being made during today's Guided Reading! Look at how Billy's emotions change through the extract we read!

Writing live lesson - 1pm

Continuing from yesterdays lesson, we are going to look at and example letter of complaint and highlight anything we really like and want to borrow for our letter. We are going to start off writing the technical features of a letter: the address on the top right hand side, the date and who we are writing to. You will then begin your introduction to tell Mr Wonka why you are writing to him.


From just writing our introductions in our complaint letter to Mr Wonka, I am very excited to see the finished letters, look how amazing these introductions are!


Adventure - complete at some point today.

We will be continuing on with our knowledge on grid references but this time moving on to 6-digit references. Your task is to work out where each place is on the map and write its location in 6-digits. You will need to read through the powerpoint and remind yourself about 4-digit references and watch the example video teaching you how to plot in 6-digits. With this learning you will then use the resources below to complete the worksheet solving the problems!


Spelling and Handwriting - complete sometime today.

Follow the link below from Mr Cooper about the k sound. Follow the activity in the video and then try and complete some handwriting.