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Spring 2

The Garden Glitch

This half term we will be preparing the perfect garden. Thinking about what we find in gardens and how they grow and live. We will do everything we can to make sure the nasty burglars dont ruin the garden for the animals who live there but if they do we will be fully prepared to fix everything as we will be learning how to grow plants, where mini beast live and most importantly how to trap a bad guy!

Problem Solving using doubling

We were set a challenge to find which group of biscuits could be doubled to feed the animals. We had to make sure all 10 animals got 1 biscuit each.

Some of us counted out the double and some of us used number facts knowing 5 and 5 makes 10 and then doubles 10.

Our writing techniques

Doubling the farmers wife's biscuits

The Ladybirds doubling party!

This week we have met the story characters in our new adventure and the ladybird invited us to her double party. We wrote invitations to the party. The ladybird asked us to make place mats and fairy cakes but everything had to have doubles on it. We doubled the spots on our placemats and the smarties on our cakes.

We all had a lovely time and it was well deserved after all the hard work this week!

All the ducklings in year 1 have hatched and we have been enjoying going to visit them. We talked about how to care for loving animals.

Exploring floating and sinking

We shared ideas about why the seeds were not growing in the dark dry packet. We decided to put the seeds on a comfy bed of cotton  wool in the light and give them water. It wasnt long before the children were watching the seeds germinate.