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Isolating Activities

These activities are set for the children who are not unwell but who are having to isolated due to symptoms of a family member or a confirmed case of Coronavirus.


Week beginning 9th November 

This week we have been learning all about Diwali and the festival of light. We have read 'Peppa's Diwali' which we will share with you when you come back into school and we have learnt all about how Diwali is celebrated. We have even made our own Diva lamps just like the ones below. Whilst you are at home, can you have a go at making your own. All you need is some card or paper cut into a circle, some glue, and some spare card. You could add sequins and glitter if you like or just colour yours in. 

1. Cut your card into a large circle and fold it in half so it stands on your table.

2. Cut out a rectangle shape for the candle and a flame shape to stick on your candle.

3. Stick your pieces of card together and decorate. 

I would love to see your finished candles if you want to send them to me at


Get making!!

Week beginning 16th November

As this is 'world nursery rhyme week'  something you could spend time doing is learning lots of nursery rhymes. Look at the 'our learning' tab on our class page and you will find link to the songs and rhymes we will be singing in nursery. 


When we learn the wheels on the bus,  we will explore wheels- can you use any of your toy vehicles to have a go at any of these activities? 


  • Using a toy bus (or other vehicle), fix a crayon or pencil to the front using an elastic band or similar. Then move the vehicle over paper or card to make marks with the pencil or crayon. 


  • Following tracks - ask a grown up to draw a track on some paper or on the ground outside if you have a patio or driveway.  Use your toy vehicles to follow the track. 


  • Create a bus for role play.  We will use a large piece of cardboard  and decorate it to look like a bus. Then we can pretend to drive the bus or be a passenger.  How many seats left?  How much is the journey? Where are you going? Etc.