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KS1: Dino Dilemma

In Blossom, Cherry and Chestnut their new adventure ‘Dino Dilemma’ took them to Animal Island where they met a pack of lions and herd of dinosaurs both fighting it out to reign supreme. It was their job, as Island Keepers, to control the feisty animals and fix any problems they may encounter!

In Chestnut class, one of the first issues they encountered was how noisy the island was due to the dinosaurs. They wrote letters as Ben the Mouse to explain this issue to the zoo keepers (the children). The children decided to try and help the smaller animals by designing some earmuffs to block out unwanted noise. The children first tested different materials that they could use to make the earmuffs. They wrote up their findings in a table.


Using this information, they designed and made the earmuffs. They then wrote a set of instructions for how to make the earmuffs in case any other animals needed any.

Then followed a persuasive poster and advert encouraging the animals that they would solve their problem.

Another issue that the children of Chestnut heard about was a water problem: too much water was being used and the island was running out! They imagineered as the zoo keepers deciding on ways that they could solve the problem. They then wrote back with their suggestions to Leo the lion and Dan the dinosaur.


They then designed posters to encourage people to save water and wrote a report telling people about all the ways that they could do so.