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Thurs 25th Feb


In today's lesson, we are going to be focusing on subtracting fractions from whole numbers. This means that we will need to change the whole numbers into fractions in order to be able to subtract from them. It sounds trickier than it is but all you need to remember is that whatever the denominator is the numerator is the same for a whole number. For example, 8/8 is the same as a whole. We will go through some examples together during the live lesson and then you will do the guided practice and workbook independently.

Guided reading:

During the live lesson, I am going to read an extract from Harry Potter. This text ends on a cliff hanger so we are going to discuss what we think happens after that piece of text. This will then help you with your independent activity. The end of chapter 1 ends of a little bit of a cliff hanger. Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to predict what the author is going to say next. What do we think is torturing Charlie more than seeing children eating chocolate? I would like you to write this as a paragraph.


We are going to be continuing with our invitation. You should now have written your first paragraph which includes; who, what, when, where and why. Now we need to explain to the candidates what they will be doing when they arrive at the factory. Read chapter 2 and take note of what Grandpa Joe tells Charlie about Willy Wonka and his factory as this can be included in your writing. I would like you to focus on including commas in a list as you can list the things that they will do there. There is an example done for you.


Go through the powerpoint to learn about the functions of the different parts of a plant. Then, create a leaflet which is basically going to be an A4 picture of a plant which you need to split into the 4 sections. Label each section and describe the function of that part of the plant.