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Autumn 1

Into the Woods...


Welcome to Nursery. This half term we are going to be learning all about bears and going into the woods....

We are so excited to explore with you and learn lots through play!


We are also going to be settling your children into school and getting them used to all the different areas including the home corner, the water tray, the book corner, the mark making area and the paint area.



As we are acorn nursery, one of our first activities has been making an acorn using green and brown tissue paper and a photo of us to stick in the middle. We have been making these over the last three weeks and they are all stuck up on one of our display boards in the classroom. 

Week 7


This week in Nursery we have been learning about Halloween and exploring through play using spooky cauldrons and witches potions. We have had pumpkins and spiders webs in the classroom and we've written our own spells on magic paper!

'This makes you invisible.'

'This makes you fly!'

'Yucky! Slimy!'

'Frogs legs...noooo.'

Said some of the children around the classroom. They were so involved and loved learning through play!


We have been reading the story, 'We're going on a pumpkin hunt' this week and the children have loved it! We have been able to retell the story and find pumpkins all over the classroom!
Don't forget to bring your carved pumpkins on Friday! Miss Dibnah will be coming round to the classroom to choose the BEST one! There is a prize to be won!!
Look at our pumpkins!!! Well done to everyone who had a go at carving them! 
Our song this week has been five little witches! Can you remember it to sing at home? If not, don't worry, have a look below and keep practising! 

Five Little Witches

Show the number of witches by holding up fingers

Five little witches standing by the door.
One flew out,
(Flying motion with hand) then there were four.

Four little witches  standing by a tree.
One went to pick a pumpkin.
(picking motion)  Then there were three.

Three little witches stirring their brew. (stir) One fell in and then there were two.

Two little witches went for a run. (run with fingers) One got lost so then there was one.


One little witch, yes, only one.    She cast a spell       (make motions as if to cast spell)  and now there are none. (put hands in lap)



We had a great time hammering golf tees into pumpkins too. We used a hammer and took it in turns to hit the tees into the pumpkin. We practised our fine motor skills as we had to hold the tee in one hand and the hammer in the other. We all loved it!
We then had a go at making spiders webs. We showed the children how to hold the tray and roll the marble from side to side. They dipped the marble in white paint and it created a pattern on the black paper. We then waited for the web to dry and added a spider onto it. 

We also explored pumpkins and talked about what they smelt like and felt like. We had a selection of spoons, knives (with supervision), graters and scoops for the children to use to scoop out the insides. We then talked about the different smells and textures. We discussed what you could make with pumpkins such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and pumpkin porridge. 

'Smelly' said Lyra, 'it doesn't smell good!'

'It feels squishy' said Freya., 'it's all over my hands.'

'What's inside?' said Jasmine.

'I can get it out' said Blake. 

We scooped out the mixture and kept the seeds to plant in our nursery garden. It was lots of fun and the children learnt a lot and practised their fine motor by scooping, cutting and grating. Well done Nursery.  

We brought some toilet roll and wrapped up as mummies! We all loved it and found it very funny! Everyone wanted to have a turn. We learnt how to take it in turns and how to stay very still! 
We did lots more and played with yucky slime. We made marks in the mixture and talked about the different shapes we had made.

Week 6

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We have enjoyed the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'  and have joined in when listening to the story.   

We like to watch the Author Michael Rosen  telling the story and join in with the actions.                     

🐻 We're Going On a Bear Hunt 🐻| BOOK | Kids' Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

There has been lots of great re-telling of the story at busy time.  The family went on their hunt, through long wavy grass,    splash sploshed through the river,  stumble tripped through the forest  and explored different places before finding a bear in a cave!     


We have enjoyed drawing and making marks using the clipboards.  

"I did a bear",    "Big bear",  "Two eyes", 

 "Angry face because its' going to eat them up."

The children talked about the marks they had made. 

We used salt dough to make our own bears.  We squashed, rolled, patted and used a cutter to create bears.  We carefully pulled away dough from around the cutter and pushed out the bear with our fingers, we had to be very gentle. 
When the bears had dried out they became hard, so we painted them,  we had a mixture of black and brown bears.

One day we found a letter from the bear saying he hadn't meant to scare the family, he was a friendly bear and just wanted to play.  He asked if we would play a game of hide and seek with his friends, so we did! 

It was good fun.  We found lots of different kinds of bears hiding around our nursery playground.

As well as the 'Bear Hunt' fun,  we've been busy doing so much more! 

Week 5


Goldilocks and The Three Bears

We have had a fantastic week in Nursery this week reading 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears.' The children have loved pretending to be the bears and goldilocks using the different masks. They have also attempted to retell the story which has been amazing! They sat beautifully on the carpet then went off into the provision and used what they had heard in their play. Well done Nursery!
We also found a Goldilocks and the Three Bears song which we loved listening to and singing along with. We explored using musical instruments and tried to play quietly and loudly where we thought the music should change. It was so much fun!

We talked about sizes and what the children thought was small (a mouse!) and what they thought was big (an elephant!)

We then had a look at Goldilocks' bowls and put them in order from smallest to biggest. We used mathematical language and placed them in the correct order. 

We also made circle bears where we talked lots about shape and the children were able to search around the classroom for different circular objects. Well done everyone. They will be on our walls soon!
We also lined up beautifully waiting to go into the classroom. Well done Nursery!
Week 4
Brown Bear, Brown bear, what do you see?

We have enjoyed sharing the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?'  Lots of us can join in as we turn the pages of the book.  We also found a song based on the story which we enjoyed. 


Brown Bear Song

Greg & Steve "Playing Favorites" Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See

We played with the compare bears and sorted them according to colour.
We painted brown bears, big ones,  scary ones and teddy bears.