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Meet Ocean!

For as long as Ocean has known, she has been curious about the world and always wants to go on holiday, exploring the different countries and finding out how other people live.  When Ocean was young, she used to love making where she lived using his lego bricks. She would always have fun designing the local shops and this later went on to her creating a whole map of he area which was shown in her local paper!


When Ocean goes on walks with her family, she is always found picking up rocks and seeing what they look like - she even made her own collection of them at her house! Even when it is the coldest weather, Ocean loves to go outside and play in the different rivers she finds using a map. When Ocean goes on different adventures with her family, her dad teaches her how to use a compass and lets Ocean guide the way home using it!


Ocean is positive that she can help you with all of your Geography work, whether it may be about rocks, rivers, mountains or the local area! Come with Ocean and see where you end up, will it be in sunny Australia, cold Antarctica or bustling Asia? Ocean can't wait to join in with your fun geography lessons!