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Autumn Term 1 - Back to the Woods

Counting cupcakes


we have been using our knowledge of numbers and applying it in our play!

symmetry cupcakes


We talked about symmetry and our understandinf of things that look exactly the same. We had our own attempt at making symmetry cupcakes for our stay and play session.


look at our amazing cupcakes, Yum!

Fantastic phonics

Understand the World - Technology

Our Owl Handprints- counting and representing 5!

When the owls came to Westwood

Writing a list of clues and owl fact finding.

Finding clues

Fantastic Writing!

Snack Time

Some of this weeks writing

Outdoor Classroom - thinking critically

We’ve drawn a map of where Bear went


Week 2 - A Visit from Big Bear


We were so excited to arrive at school and find bear footprints all over our classroom. Bear left us clues around the room and we followed them to find a book. The book told us that Bear was lonely and wanted to know what we looked like. We painted our portraits to show him what we looked like.

Making a Bear!


This week we have been concentrating on settling into our new classroom and getting to know each other. We have enjoyed listening to a variety of different stories about bears. To end the week we decorated a huge bear using our 'muddy' (brown paint) hand prints. We have put our bear onto the display board, he looks very real. Could he possibly come to life and jump off the wall? We will have to wait and see!

Back to the Woods