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This week's spellings:







Please practice your spellings at home. 



I will be delivering a live phonics lesson at 10.30 for all children to attend. Please have a pen and paper ready for the spelling part of the session.


Please also complete the extra phonics lesson below - in class we usually do 2 lessons of phonics a day so it would be great if an extra could be done at home.

Phonics set 2 - ar sound

Today we look at 'ar, start the car.' So lovely to hear from so many people joining in with learning at home! Please comment below and post photos or videos ...


Whilst exploring the Island, we came across a dark woodland. Inside was a huge tree named the 'whomping willow'. Inside of the trunk was a hidden clue to help us find the treasure chest that went missing. As we went to take the clue, a gigantic twisted branch came flying through the air. It nearly knocked us off our feet. 


How are we meant to reach the clue? 


In your writing, I would like you to write a setting description of the whomping willow scene. Begin by thinking about  the senses: what you can see, what you can hear, what can you feel. 


I can see a thick twisted trunk.

I can smell fear in the air.

The sky is stormy and dark. 


Once you have thought about the different sense, have a go at putting this into writing using different sentence openers:

  • In the Whomping woods ____ 

  • There is ____

  • Next to the ___

  • Behind the ____ 

  • The sky looks ____ 


Make sure you use your fred fingers to help you spell, use 'and' to extend your sentences and adjectives to add detail. 

Maths - 9am live lesson

Today's lesson is focussed on partitioning two digit numbers into tens and ones. For example, 47 can be broke down into 4 tens and 7 ones.

It is important the children understand that only 1 digit can go in the tens column and 1 digit in the ones column.


In their workbooks, the children are finding the tens and ones using 'dienes'. In 1 rod/stick of dienes there is ten cubes. 

1 stick = 10

1 cube = 1





Kadinsky is a Russian artist who uses circles as inspiration for his work. 

We have had to search for food around Pirate Island to help us survive and we came across some very interesting looking fruit. Have a look at home and see if you have any fruit you could draw in the style of Kadinsky, using circles and colour. You could use colouring pencils, pen or paint.