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Adventure 2: A Wartime Tale

Our second adventure takes us back to life during WW2. As we follow the journey of Lucy, Peter, Edmund and Susan from the novel, ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ after being evacuated from their home, we will learn all about what life was like during the war.

At the start of our adventure, we listened to the radio announcement from Neville Chamberlain and the reasons as to why WW2 started


After listening to his announcement, we wrote down the key facts we found out.


We used the Declaration of War speech as a hook for our writing and wrote a diary entry talking about our reactions and feelings to what was happening. 

The War has started and it’s time to protect our families! We have looked into the different types of air raid shelters that will protect us and wrote down some pros and cons of each one as well as some important facts about each one.

As a class, we decided that the best type of shelter to protect us and our families during the war was the Anderson Shelter and so in D.T. we created our own trying to make it as sturdy as possible to withstand any bombs. 

After designing and making our shelters, we then dropped a range of objects on them, seeing whether they could withstand different amounts of force.


We then moved on to looking at rationing that was brought in due to food shortages. We first looked at the main types of food rationed and then created our own ration report including lots of information. 

We linked our science topic of ‘Light’ to our adventure, seeing if we could find the best opaque material which would block light from our windows during ‘The Blitz’. 

We took a trip around London after The Blitz and discovered that it had been destroyed by the bombs so we wrote a setting description ensuring we made reference to our 5 senses. 


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