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Number Day

Number Day

On number day we all came wearing a number on our clothing. We took part in lots of number related activities and even got to take part in a workshop with a maths magician. 

For our first activity we had to roll a dice and in our group we were only able to have that number of parts on the floor. Some numbers were trickier than others!

We then had a session with the match magician. We made shapes out of balloons and were in awe of the magical way he taught us.

Cherry class then came to do another activity. First we played number stuck in the mud. When you were stuck only someone wearing your number could un-stick you! Then we got into pairs and had to add up our numbers. Then we had to listen to the action and do it as many times as our total.

Finally we got two dice and had to roll them in turn to see who got the biggest number. We then rolled two and added them to see who won and then we multiplied them!