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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Bug Club


Log in to your bug club account and ready one of the books in your library.


If you have forgotten your log in details please email

Phonics - g-g-g girl

Listen to the phonics lesson below on the sound 'g'. Can you practise 'g' by drawing, painting or writing it. You could write it in a tray of salt sugar or rice to make it a little bit more exciting. Why don't you try going on an 'g' hunt in your house or garden. I look forward to seeing your work on Tapestry.

Lesson part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Let's get Active


Today for your active activity we are going to do some stretching and mindfulness. It is important that we exercise our minds as well as our bodies. Click the link below.. I hope you enjoy it. Ask your grown up to take a picture and put it onto your tapestry account.

Jungle Exercise for Kids | Indoor workout for Children | No Equipment PE Lesson for Kids

Join Miss Linky for an adventure through the jungle. Learn about some amazing animals, while staying fit and healthy at home! Have fun!This workout is aimed ...

Red Words 


Some words we can not be sounded out and we just need to be able to sight read them. Watch the video and then ask an adult to write the words on pieces of paper or card and see if you can read them as quickly as you can.


I       my      the


Read these sentences with the red word in.


Today you could write the words onto pieces of paper and put them up on your fence or wall outside. Use a wet cloth or sponge to try and aim at the word. When you've hit the word shout it out as loud as you can.



You have practised your spellings all week and now it is time to see how many you have remembered. Listen to the video and write down each word as you hear it. Pause the video anytime you need to.


Spelling Test

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Story Time

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Writing Activity

Can you choose 2 dinosaurs from the PowerPoint below and tell me what is similar about them and what is different.


Try to use your new red words in your sentence.


This dinosaur has a long tail.

This dinosaur has no tail.

This dinosaur is short.

This dinosaur is tall.


Five Currant Buns In A Baker's Shop | 5 | NURSERY RHYME | RainbowRabbit | Counting Song |

Watch the song and carry out the activity at home.

5 Currant buns - Maths Challenge

Here are just a few photos of the work you have completed this week! I can not explain how proud I am of you all. You have all worked so hard to complete all the work I have set for you. I wish I could choose you all as star of the weel but we know we all get a turn. Scroll down to see the celebration assembly video. 

Star of the Week

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