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Wednesday 13th January

Maths - 


Today we are going to be looking at one more and one less. I have attached a number line below to help you with your work. When we are counting one more, the number will become bigger. When we are counting one less, the number will get smaller. If we are choosing the number 18, one more would be a hop to the next biggest number, 19. One less would be a hop in the other direction, to 17. 


Writing - 


Whilst we are trying to pull the clue out from the tree, a native american came to help us. They are dressed differently to us, so we are going to use lots of adjectives to describe her! 


Think about how you can describe her, I would like you to try and steer away from colours and use other words, like, 








I want you to work on letter formation today. Make sure that you are forming them correctly and they are facing the right way. 

Art - 


We are going to be looking at the work of Kandinsky. Kandinsky was a famous artist, this meant he liked to draw and paint. In the art piece below he created, he drew lots of circles in one another and then painted them all different colours. Have a go at drawing your own and then colouring it in, being as neat as you can. 

Reading - 


It is time for my favourite story - The Gruffalo! 

The Gruffalo

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Handwriting - 


Today we are looking at letters that are formed similarly. These letters are a, o and c. 


Still image for this video