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Tuesday 6th July


We are going to be carrying on with positioning but this time we are looking at this in terms of coordinates. You did some of this in Geography when looking at the map of the jungle in Firework-Maker's Daughter so you should be good at this. The trick is to remember that the first number is from the x axis and the second from the y axis. 

Guided reading:

Now that you have looked at inference and literal for Joe, I thought it would be a good idea to do the same for Joe's dad as he is another main character of the book. Think about what the text literally tells us about him and what we infer about him from clues.


You are going to think about Farley Towers and what we already know about it from Lady Agatha. How could we describe it? What kind of words would we use to describe it? During the live lesson, we will discuss Farley Towers and how we could make the adjectives that I have used even better. You are then going to write 3 sentences, including adjectives that you could include within your setting description tomorrow.


Go through the slides to talk about the UK and different cities. You will then use the variety of maps to fill in the gaps locating the cities. There are then 2 tasks to have a go at describing the location of cities in relation to other cities. One of the tasks is a challenge!