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Star of the Half Term

Autumn 1 - Boo Griffiths 


Star of this half term goes to Boo Griffiths! Boo is a lovely member of the class, she has beautiful manners and is always walking around class with a smile on her face! She gives to 100% when doing her work and is a kind friend to her peers. Well done Boo. 

Autumn 2 - Mia Kumer Hart


Star of the half term for Autumn 2 goes to Mia. Mia is so incredibly caring to her friends, she has wonderful manners and no matter if she's friends with another person or not, she will always go out of her way to make sure that they feel included. I am really proud of her for all of the effort she puts in to her work as well. Well done Mia. 

Spring 1 - Lucii Batley Hewitt


Star of the half term was awarded to Lucii. Lucii has been incredible over the past few weeks. It has been such a big change moving to online learning but she has been online for every lesson and has given 100% every day. Lucii has become so much more confident and I am so proud that she has been putting her hand up in class. A massive well done to you Lucii!

Spring 2 - Jake Wharton. 

Jake has been awarded star of the half term . This half term Jake has become so much more independent with his work and the quality to which he is completing his work at it amazing. He is a wonderful member of the class and I love teaching him. keep it up Jake! 

Summer 1 - Hilary Balogun.


Hilary is a lovely member of the class. She is polite, tries hard and is a wonderful friend. Over the past half term Hilary has really come out of her shell and the work she has produced has consistently impressed me. Well done Hilary!