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Friday 8th Jan


Today, we are going to continue multiplying 2-digit numbers using a variety of methods. Hopefully, you will now be familiar with all the methods so we will mainly focus on grid method. Once we have finished the live lesson where we will go through the 'In Focus' and 'Let's Learn' together I will do an example on a whiteboard and upload this underneath. You will then complete your guided practice and workbook independently before moving onto the journaling question. You can either do this on paper or on an electronic device, whichever is easiest for you. Then, you can ask your parents to email me a picture of your work and I will give you some feedback.

Children's work- Jon-Paul Massey and Lucy Sutcliffe

Guided reading:

We are going to be focusing on our visualisation skills today when reading chapter 2 of the 'Iron Man'. This means that we are going to practice visualising different images in our head on the live lesson and then once this is done, you can visualise what you think the Iron Man would look like based on the text. Make sure you label your picture with reasons why you think he would look that way. Don't forget to ask your parents to send me pictures of your work for me to mark.

Children's work


Today we are going to be doing some handwriting and spelling practice. Please watch the video of me doing the handwriting and try your best ensure that you do cursive handwriting and your letters are the same size. Don't forget about your spike letters being tall (t is slightly shorter than the rest) and your downwards letters being long underneath the line. Then watch the video of the spelling lesson, you are to practice these spellings by writing a full line of these words and then writing them correctly in a sentence. This must be done on paper so that I can see that you are practicing your handwriting. Then, ask your parents to email me a picture of your work so that I can give you feedback.


Still image for this video
Don't worry if you don't have any lined paper or handwriting lines, just do the best you can with your handwriting.


Still image for this video

Children's work- Caleb and Chloe

Adventure (D.T):

Today, you are going to design a skyscraper because the one next door to our pen pal school has been knocked down. This skyscraper must fit in with the New York skyline and then once you have drawn your design, you are going to copy this onto purple mash using computer aided design (CAD). I have attached a video of Mr Cooper explaining how to do this to help you. Hope you have fun with this lesson!

Video of Mr Cooper to help you with the purple mash lesson.

Still image for this video
Please watch this video to help you with your computer aided design for your skyscraper. Parents- you don't need to send me this as purple mash sends me through the children's work automatically.

Children's work- Aaliyah and Callum