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Adventure 3 - The Tremendous Tudors

We started our new adventure in such an exciting way. On the first day back after the Christmas holidays the children enjoyed a full Tudor day led by a Tudor-in-role. They completed many different activities: looking at and sketching artefacts, writing with a quill and ink, playing Tudor games, learning a Tudor dance, completing Tudor maths and exploring weapons.

We had the fantastic opportunity to work with a poet called Chris. We created a class poem about the Battle of Bosworth and had a poetry slam against Sycamore. We even got to meet Henry VIII 2nd wife Anne Boleyn.


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The House of Tudor Poetry Battle



1485, your king was fresh out of lives

1485, the year that he died

Our great king Henry best believe he survived,

Shame for you lot - Richard never revived

1485, the year your family tree ended

1485, ours continued to be splendid

Hang on a minute – where even is yours?

Oh wait it got deleted when you died in the war.



your king is gone, you’ll have no more fun

you’re all our prisoners from this day on

Roses are red, this message is true

Get ready to cry when you feel the blues

Your king is dead, ours is your new nephew



King Richard was barely even a king - just think

His reign was so short, it was gone in a blink

our spears are sharp, your spears are plain

your king died, while ours came to reign

“I won the battle of Bosworth now you look up to me

I’ll bring our families together and marry your niece - see”

You think we’re sad, we’re here ‘til 1603

Your king’s body’s gone missing, he’s a mystery



Then the 2000s came and Ricky got found

What a surprise, he was buried deep underground

Was his future bright? No his future was dark

They found him underneath a Leicester car park

“Ooooh I’m King Richard Three, the NCP got the best of me

Quick if you want to visit before you get a parking ticket.”



Now we have won, our era is done

Red and white came together at night

Henry the Seventh married Elizabeth of York

And there’ll be no more War of the Roses talk!


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The House of York Poetry Battle


We’re the house of York, it’s very nice to meet you

Nah, just kidding we’re here to defeat you.


We’re here to represent this country’s true King Ricky

Gonna make this battle hard, gonna make it super tricky


We’re strong, we’re powerful, we’re a human cannon ball

When we charge into you it’s like you’ve been hit by a wall


We’ve got so many soldiers we’ll come down like a flood

Your soldiers are gonna drown in a puddle of their blood


You’ll be bleeding so much you could fill up a well

I guess we’ll see you next when you’re burning in hell


You Lancasters, look at you - all crouched down in fear

The winners of this battle are right over here


We might have been fighting for the last thirty years

But todays where it ends, we’ll have you in tears


We’ll beat you, step over you, as though you are a bridge

We’ll win this war ‘cos we’ve got the advantage


King Richard III is the strongest in the war of the roses

All your king does is strike silly poses


Our king is amazing, yours is just a bore

Yours is a puppet you bought at the store


With the jewels that he wears and his tiny underwear

Your king wouldn’t fit on this country’s golden chair


Our king is so noble they’ll write him up with clarity

Your king is such a loser, we’ll write him off as charity


If Henry Tudor really is the best

How come our Rick is sat having a rest?


Henry must be the worst of them all

Ask him to ride a horse, I’m guessing he’d just fall


Your rose is so bland, I can’t believe it represents your house

When your soldiers see us coming they’ll crouch down like a mouse


We’ll shiver Henry’s timbers right down to his last bone

Then King Richard III will rightly take the throne!