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Songs and Music

Autumn 1

I've got a body, a very busy body.

Music Time with Mr Wears
We enjoy singing and making music.  Today we sang our class song for this half term accompanied by some instruments.

Autumn 2


We are learning the songs to sing  in our Christmas show along with the Reception Classes - Whoops-a-daisy-angel.

Spring 1


For our 'Once Upon A Time' adventure we have learnt the Goldilocks song.

Below are a couple or versions of the song, you can play and sing along to  with your child.

Spring 2

This half term we are finding out more about farms so one of the songs we will be singing is 'Old MacDonald had a farm'  it is fun making the animal noises.   

Here is a copy of the song, don't worry about the order of the verses,   the children like to choose which animal comes next.

Music Making