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Chestnut's Little Library

In Chestnut class we love reading and celebrating our favourite stories. The children are promoted to bring in their books from home so we can share them and read them as a class.

Rosie loves this book because she loves magic and fairies. She says the book taught her you can be fabulous and anything you want to be!

Blake’s favourite book is I Love You This Much. He says it is great for little kids and helps you get better at reading. Blake reads this book on his own in bed!

Kyleson loves the Tales of Peter Rabbit. He said rabbits are his favourite animal because they are cute so he enjoys reading about them!

Olivia her story because it makes her feel good. Her sister reads it to her at bedtime and she says it makes her happy and makes her smile.

Rose loves her book because it was her mum’s when she was little and she would read it to her. Rose says the book looks old and faded.

George says this is his favourite book because it makes him laugh and Dr Zeus’s is the funniest author ever! He loves reading it aloud so he can say the weird words.

Mia loves my book because tigers are my favourite animals. My favourite bit is when the tiger eats all the cake because I think I would do that too!

Hope brought in her favourite book this week to show the class. Hope said the Frozen book was even better than the film but it is just missing the songs!