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Writing to entertain


Reception - Character Description - Use of phonic knowledge to describe an alien with key words.

Reception - Setting description - Label the picture with initial sounds. Write a sentence to describe the Nativity scene.

Key Stage One - Character description - Describing the transformer from the adventure.

Reception - Character comparison - Use of phonic knowledge to write the heard sounds to describe both aliens.

Lower Key Stage Two - Character description - Create own mythical creature and label with adjectives. Use of apostrophes for possession to describe the creature's appearance and personality.

Lower Key Stage Two - Setting description - Imagineering being in Athens with the use of pictures, sounds and the descriptosaurus. Use of expanded noun phrases to describe the setting.

Upper Key Stage Two - Setting description - Teacher in role as an ARP warden and imagineering the day after an air raid. Labelling the room considering their senses and use of prepositional phrases and openers.

Upper Key Stage Two - Poetry - Researching about different air raid shelters before making and testing one. Imagineering an air raid and writing a rhyming poem about the experience.