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Monday 1st February

Maths - 


Today in Maths we are looking at measuring using our body parts. I would like you to go around our house and measure different objects using your arms and feet. How many feet long is a pillow? How many arms length is the sofa? Give it a try and record your answers. When you have done this, please fill out the sheet below.

Writing - 


Today we are going to do an editing lesson. We are going to look at -ed endings. Below is a piece of writing that does not have the correct spellings for words with - ed endings. Please try and correct them. Once you have corrected the words, there is a game below. You have to change the word to past tense, so it ends in -ed.

Spellings - 







RE - 


Today we are going to look at a typical christian wedding. The video below will explain the rituals of what happens at a typical Christian wedding. Then, watch the other video that tells you what your task is. 

Christian Marriage

Emily's mum recently got married, and it got her thinking: what does marriage mean for Christians? So with the help of her mum, her new step dad and the vica...

Wedding task

Still image for this video

Story - 


Have a listen to todays story. Tell me what you liked about it! If you have any story requests let me know and I will try and find the book for you.

Under The Bed

Still image for this video

Under The Bed

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