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The Brilliant Bus Journey

This morning we began our adventure by piecing together a picture of a cut up bus. After fixing it together, we received a letter from Mr Bus Driver from the adventure bus. When he thinks we are ready, he will send us some bus tickets!

We were very excited and couldn't wait to start drawing, designing and creating our own adventure buses!

We have also been discussing Summer and the signs of Summer that we can see around us. We went to the park to explore these signs further. We loved seeing lots of bumble bees in the woods and the flowers blooming with lots of different colours.

This week a parcel arrived in the post with a letter from some sailors asking us to help make a boat that could hold a toy car without sinking! 

We set out to make them! The children became fully immersed and showed a great understanding of floating and sinking!

We looked more closely at different types of boats and then had a go at designing our own ferry.


This morning, we learnt who Lewis Hamilton was as he wanted to get on the Adventure Bus! We found a race track and practiced being race cars to drive around the track.

Some of us then designed and created our very own race car models. 

On Monday afternoon, we saw a photo of Miss Murphy and Mrs Burke with a kangaroo! How exciting?! How did it get here? Why is it here?

We wanted to know more about where kangaroo's lived and what their pouch was for. We then had a go at drawing our own so if it came back, it could see our beautiful drawings.

After learning that kangaroo's live in Australia, we wanted to know what other animals lived there too. Whilst researching online, we found some artwork with kangaroo's in. The type of artwork was called Aboriginal Art. We then had a go at at creating our own.

We wondered if we could travel by bus to Australia but we realised this would take lots and lots of days! We then found out the easiest way to get there was by aeroplane and even then his would still take a full day! Our adventure bus really needs an aeroplane deck so we set out to design and create our own!

On Monday morning a book arrived at school. It was called The Train Ride. We enjoyed listening to the story and then using our story vocabulary to retell it. In groups we talked about our favourite parts and then had a go at drawing and writing about it.


How exciting, for our next part of the adventure, we need to find out more about trains!

We are loving the train ride story we have read it over and over! In the train ride story they saw lots of different things when looking out of the window like cows, a tractor and even a hot air balloon.

The next day you wouldn’t believe what we found at school! … An abandoned hot air balloon! We wondered who’s it was and why it was at our school. This was all super exciting we couldn’t wait to design, draw/paint and write about what we had found!

With the weather getting hotter, we had lots of fun cooling down outside in the water!

I can’t believe our year has nearly come to an end! We finished our adventure by sending any worries we had about year one off in our very own hot air balloons as well as sharing our wishes of what we’ve like to achieve in our next year of school. We joined up our pictures up with a friend before sending the, off into the air as we are never alone at Westwood!