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Thursday 14th January


Today we are continuing to look at 2D shapes. We are going to be looking at how many vertices each shapes has.


Vertex= corner

Verticies= corners 


Have a look at the questions below and count up the vertices and sides on each shape. 


Re-read the story 'The Pirates Next Door'.


Match up the character to their problem with the pirates and the treasure the pirates left them.


We need to write a letter to the natives today to ask for help. We need to stop the trees in the Whomping Wood from attacking us. We need to get the fruit, the key and the next riddle from the trees. 


Think about:

  • To
  • Who we are
  • What we need
  • Why we need it
  • What we can give them if they help (think about the new food Christopher Columbus gave to the Natives)
  • from

Think again about eating the new fruit from the tree. Is it a good idea?


Let's think about things we put in our bodies.


Where do we get medicine from?

When people feel ill, there are different things that they can do to help themselves feel better and different people who can help them. Not all illnesses mean people need to go and see a doctor or go to hospital.


If you have an insect bite your mum may put some cream on it, but unless it swells up or you are allergic, you would not need to go to the doctor or hospital.


Match the symptom to who and what might help them. You can draw lines to match them up.